Orbit IT - Managed cloud services

Orbit IT - Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

Our Infrastructure Managed Services maintain and enhance your IT environment, it will reduce operating costs while empowering businesses to focus on important tasks such as improving customer experience.

Managed services

Orbit strongly believe in helping customer making the right technology investments, delivering value and building a future-ready IT landscape. We provide following managed services.

• Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)

• Application management services (AMS)

• Secured cloud hosting

• Managed cloud operations

• Data & Backup services

Cloud providers

Microsoft Azure provides enterprises ability to quickly deploy their infrastructures and services on the cloud platform to instantly cater to their business needs. There are Australia based data center that support both, Windows and Linux based applications with enterprise grade SLAs. The reasons for companies to opt for Microsoft Azure vary from zero upfront costs and paying only for usage. Microsoft offers vast range of subscriptions that doesn’t involve minimum purchases or commitments. Orbit can help you to configure and manage your Azure cloud platform needs.

Managing scalable and highly available platform is required for many businesses. We have expertise in configuring and managing your cloud needs. AWS has a container-as-a-service aka Amazon EC2 offering that equips businesses with a ready-to-go managed solution they can start using. There are primarily four ways to pay for EC2, which includes instances: On-Demand, Reserved Instances, Spot Instances, and hosts: Dedicated Host. Orbit can help you to configure and manage your AWS cloud platform needs.

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