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If you check out the arena of mobile application development, you would come across various different programming languages and designed tools. The way an application is designed and created matters a lot as it determines its fate and performance in the worldwide market. Orbit IT Solutions develops a mobile app related to fashion clothing that would not be same as a real estate one, in terms of background details and interface elements.

It is true that the world of mobile applications is getting over-crowded, as more and more number of developers is joining the mobile app club. It turns out to be an important component to get something extra for your mobile application.

The company adds features in a customized way and as according to the customer’s demands and desires. Orbit IT Solutions saves you from the hassles of dealing with technical problems on your own. We take care of your application even after the launch of the app. We take care of your mobile app by keeping a close look at the performance of the same.

The business owners depend entirely on the mobile apps development services for the betterment and success of their business or enterprise.

Android Application Development

Android is considered as the king of Mobile Operating Systems! It is the fastest growing operating system that is earning wide popularity with its every update! Android is a versatile, flexible and user-friendly operating system. Numbers of smart devices are powered by Android.

Android offers a wide scope for different industries and the enterprises can utilize the benefits of Android by developing Apps for Android platform. This can be helpful in targeting large numbers of mobile users and would ensure maximum turnovers. Developing a customized Android app can eventually get beneficial for an enterprise in varied ways!

Android app must be developed perfectly integrating the essential elements that would fulfill the varied objectives of the enterprises! An app must be developed as per the desired specifications of the enterprise as well as the requirements of the business. Integrating the company’s logo, an app must be developed with unique designs and visual contents with outstanding features. An app must be developed with uniqueness and presenting the brand on the Google Play Store.

Orbit IT Solutions tailors the Android apps in a personalized way targeting to fulfill varying objectives of the clients. Building Android apps with impressive visuals and unique features as per the essential objectives of the clients, the apps can easily be distinguished!

iOS Application Development

The iOS System changed the world with its intuitive and user-friendly operation and now there is an app for almost everything! The Smartphones have assisted our lives by offering various exclusive and impressive programs for web browsing, email, wireless service, internet fax needed, and other important activities.

A single app, if made correctly can pay in millions of dollars or you can make several apps and make a living entirely out of it. This is all because of the popularity of the Apple’s operating system and its apps.

The way the application will be created on your desired specifications and will have all the functions and features your company’s requirements and will leave out all the choices that you do not require in it. Thus, there will be no more confusion of the cluttering specifications from an off-the shelf software. You can also have your company or organization’s logo and color theme on the app to tailor it completely for as your needs.

The Orbit IT Solutions work with the clients or customers in order to identify areas that can provide them with an opportunity to create outstanding cellular programs. These types of programs will have more specific features with improved effectiveness.

Cross Platform Development

PhoneGap is one of the best open source frameworks that provide this feature for an application development. PhoneGap is created by Nitobi and purchased by Apple; PhoneGap is an open source framework that supports multiple mobile platforms. It supports almost all the top mobile technologies such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. For more details, you can contact our team of experts and get the best information required.

The titanium framework helps our developers at Orbit IT Solutions to develop the applications for mobiles, desktops and for the tablets. Some of the languages used in the making are HTML, JavaScript, Python, PHP, etc. The cross-platform mobile application development is quite essential for the business entrepreneurs, as once they start using it; they can enjoy the great benefits in terms of money and time.

Xamarin is a high performing platform that offers a wide range of customization options for our developers to create native user interfaces.

Benefits of Mobile App Development with Xamarin:It is one of the best languages for mobile app development because it can be used to code on all platforms. It is a robust and a powerful platform. It performs much better when compared to native and is much faster than the other tools of cross-platform development. It used native UI components from each one of the platforms to allow you to simulate the look and feel of a Native iOS app.

The Ionic framework has the functionality that is available in the native environment. The building apps that use codes and deploy through Cordova, the Ionic works include mobile components, typography, paradigms, and base themes. The inbuilt features have great results such as Infinite Scroll, scroll-view, pull to refresh, ionic Popup, etc. that are used but have enhanced results of complex coding only.

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